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Hello and welcome! My name is Hanna Baldursdottir and I am the creator and founder of Holistically Hanna. Having grown up in California, I was never too far from the world of health and wellness. But my journey really began when I went vegan. From a decision rooted in ethics and compassion for animals came so much more. I started to really examine my own health and began to see the effects of unhealthy lifestyles on the human body, mind, and spirit, not to mention on our environment. From there, my outlook on life and what was really important was perfectly clear. I became more self aware, more creative, more loving, and more vibrant. I wanted to find a way to show people that living an overall healthy lifestyle could be the basis of a turning point in their own lives.

So, I changed my path from attempting a business degree to pursuing a major in nutritional science. I started researching, self-teaching, and living and breathing that which I preached. In this process, I began studying yoga and completed my 200 hour teacher training. From there I found Ayurveda and really developed an understanding of what it means to be a balanced individual. And even though I still have a ways to go, I am the happiest I have ever been and I want to show people that health and happiness go hand in hand.

Finally, after tons of debating and a bit of encouragement from the people close to me, I decided to start sharing the knowledge I've acquired in the form of this blog. I hope to fill your soul with mindful matters, travels, home remedies, self-care practices, food, and most of all, LOVE.

I aspire to inspire.



London, United Kingdom


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