• Hanna Baldursdottir

Follow Your Life's Purpose with Natura

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Sometimes life presents you with an opportunity that is so perfect and out of the blue that you can’t help but smile to the Universe and know that it has your back. That’s exactly how I felt when I received an offer to partner with Natura Training Institute. Natura is an online holistic education platform that allows you to cultivate your life purpose in order to help and educate others. Many times we are so engaged in our passions and want nothing more than to share the message with others, but we aren’t exactly sure how to execute that. This is where Natura comes in. Have you been wanting to help others make solid steps in achieving their goals? Natura offers a Holistic Life Coaching program to allow you to do just that! Do you feel like you are a natural born healer? Again, Natura offers certifications in Reiki, Chakra Healing, and Meditation Instruction, plus many other courses that will further the pursuit of consciousness in others as well as within yourself.

So who can take this course? Anyone! Natura offers certifications that are valid in 26 countries. And even though the Institution is based out of good ol’ Australia, it is completely online and self paced, making it possible to do it anywhere and anytime. In my humble opinion, one of the best things about these courses is that they include ways to get you started on your endeavors after you’ve finished with the learning material itself. All too often we are given a course and then are followed by the feeling of “Ok… what do I do with this now?” Natura includes ways to get you started outside of the virtual classroom, plus they offer an extensive network of like-minded people with whom you can connect. They even offer a course on holistic business if you are really looking to amp up your work!

Currently, I am immersing myself in the Holistic Life Coaching program. For someone like me who has spent a lot of time learning about holistic wellness, this has really shown me how I can take my personal education to the next level and implement it into the lives of others. It branches out from my own web of knowledge of mind-body health and moves into helping others take that wellness and use it as a catalyst to jumpstart their goals and passions. I am genuinely so excited fo the opportunity and can’t wait to see where it takes me!

My goal in life is to bring awareness and consciousness to anyone and everyone who is ready for it. Let this be the sign that you’ve been looking for to take a little leap and learn something new. Even if it is not your end goal to serve as a Holistic counselor, you will undoubtedly be doing a service to yourself. I am currently offering an initial discount of 50% for anyone who uses code HANNA50. Follow my link to view the courses offered and apply the code at checkout!

And for those who are still worried about the price, don’t worry, we get it. That is why Natura offers full and partial scholarships to those who may need it! Click here to apply and for more information.

If you decide to take this opportunity, please write me! I will be updating you all on how things are progressing and what new snippets of knowledge I have to offer from my learnings but would love to hear about your experiences. As always, peace, love and light to you all.



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